Typical Sicilian cuisine

The kitchen of the Limoneto agritourism offers guests typical menus of the Sicilian tradition, in order to revive ancient flavors. Raw material is homemade pasta seasoned with tomato-based sauces and vegetables.

Many of the vegetables served to the guests are grown organically in our garden. Among the winter dishes of the Limoneto agritourism stands the grilled sausage, legume soups and roasted vegetables. Among the summer ones, the Cavateddi with eggplant, fish, and mixed salads.

Dinner, a moment of aggregation and conviviality, takes place in the cozy dining room in winter, and in the cool summer on the terrace. At the end of the meal we taste the excellent “limoncello” prepared by the owners according to an ancient recipe.

Azienda Agricola Limoneto | Cucina siciliana
Azienda Agricola Limoneto | Pizzeria

Delicious and tasty pizzas

Good things arrive without haste is for us synonymous with a cuisine to be enjoyed slowly, savoring every single flavor and respecting the rhythms and cycles of nature.

We love the simple goodness of a pizza prepared with painstaking patience and enriched with the freshest ingredients.

We use only the purest ingredients, delicately processed, to protect the original flavors and fragrances.

Celebrate your special moments with us

For birthdays, graduation parties, anniversaries and other private parties, Agriturismo Limoneto can prepare sweet and savory specialties for you.

Celebrate your happiest and most enjoyable moments with our delicious and tasty preparations.

Contact us and come to see us to discuss with our chef who will be happy to come up with a completely personalized menu that reflects your requests and needs.

Azienda Agricola Limoneto | Festeggia con noi
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