The Limoneto farm

At the base of the agritourism activity of Limoneto there is “the Adelina Norcia farm” which since 1995 has grown its products organically.

The philosophy behind this choice is to provide the consumer with wholesome foods grown respecting the changing of the seasons and without dirtying the environment with pesticides and fungicides.

Our workforce is all Italian, regularly declared and hired; and pruning is performed by ancient skilled workers who know where to cut and what to leave and pass on their mastery to their young people.

Azienda Agricola Limoneto
Azienda Agricola Limoneto

Bioagricert certified company

The company is BIOAGRICERT certified, which means that all the processing phases of the product are controlled. The production focuses mainly on lemons, but there are also oranges of various quality, olives that give an excellent extra virgin olive oil, almonds, wheat and seasonal vegetables.

Organic lemons

Organic oranges

Olive oil

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